#JustChooseLove is a global movement bringing awareness to the importance of love in business, government, and society.

Through events, media, and sustainable fashion, JCL’s mission is to demonstrate how society can choose love over fear to overcome our most pressing challenges. This mission is brought to life at the Love Summit, a biennial event that brings together leading activists and visionaries to share love-based solutions to the most pressing problems of today.


Love summit III

The Love Summit has the potential to be one of the most provocative, most transformational get-togethers you have ever participated in.
— Dan Wieden, Creator of Nike's tagline "Just Do It", Co-Founder, Wieden+Kennedy

Creator of Nike's tagline "Just Do It" Shares How Love Has Been the Key to His Business Success (Intro by Mayor Hales)

Dan Wieden is an American advertising executive who co-founded Wieden+Kennedy and coined the Nike tagline "Just Do It." Dan’s motivation has always been to create a different type of advertising agency, a place “where people can do the best work of their lives.” Dan threw out the structure and bureaucracy that plague larger agencies in favor of a chaos theory that puts the work first and empowers anyone to come to the table with a great idea. In 2012 Wieden+Kennedy was named both Independent Agency and Agency of the Year at Cannes, and Dan himself was awarded the Cannes Lion of St. Martin for his lifetime of achievement. Over the past five years, W+K’s annual capitalized gross billings rose 55% to $3.2 billion, working with a diverse client base comprising some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Delta Air Lines, ESPN, Facebook, Heineken, Honda, Nike, Old Spice and Procter & Gamble.

CCO of LPK Reveals Why Understanding the True Nature Of Human Desires is Essential to Advancing a Heart-Centered Agenda In Business

We all want a world where heart-centered business practices are the norm, right? Well, not really. Unfortunately, we live in a business culture that continues to worship the four horsemen of desire: winning, power, status and wealth. In this provocative and informative 20 minutes, Nathan Hendricks introduce us to a model of human motivation that has the potential to turn even the most craven capitalist into a force for the common good.

Minister of Wellbeing for the Government of Ecuador Explains how Ecuador is Redefining Happiness through Buen Vivir

Government Minister Freddy Ehlers discusses how Ecuador is redefining happiness through its new government initiative: Buen Vivir.   Freddy Ehlers Zurita is Ecuador’s State Secretary for the Presidential Initiative for the Construction of a Society of Well Being. Previously, he was Minister of Tourism from May 2010 until June 2013. In 1996 and 1998 Ehlers stood candidate for the office of President of Ecuador. 

Former CMO of Hyatt Explains the Link Between Presence and Compassion

John Wallis's compassion and insights into purpose, culture, and behavior earned him the nickname of “Ambassador of Love” at Hyatt Hotels where he spent 35 years, working in operations in 9 countries before becoming Chief Marketing Officer, a position he held until 2015. John explains why the first step to creating a compassionate, heart-centered organization is to be present.

Founder of THINX Miki Agrawal is Interviewed by Husband and Entrepreneur Andrew Horn About Building Businesses in Taboo Categories

Miki Agrawal, Co-Founder of THINX, Icon, Tushy, & Wild, shares about building businesses in taboo categories and what she learned from her experiences dealing with society and media’s pressures to stick to conformity. In her fireside chat with husband and entrepreneur Andrew Horn, Miki and Andrew talk about choosing love and being resilient during times of adversity, and share some of the best practices to get through the inevitable trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurial journey.

President of Habits at Work Andrew Sykes Speaks About the History of Apartheid in South Africa, and the Lessons of Love We Can Learn from Our Countries and Families

What can we learn from countries, families and ordinary people loving others in extraordinary ways that we can apply to our businesses? How can we design the world of work to transform well-wishing into well-doing? Thinking about creating love habits as a design problem to solve for leaders of businesses, governments and schools will challenge your view of the real frontier of competitive advantage.

CEO of Start With Why Kim Harrison Explains "Work At Love, Love At Work"

"When it gets harder to love, let's love harder." - Van Jones

This quote embodies everything Kim Harrison stands for. In the nearly 10 years she's spent working alongside Simon Sinek, Kim has met, collaborated with and been mentored by many great leaders. Her big takeaway is that all great leaders have one thing in common: love is the core tenet on which they stand. Kim shares what she has learned about building a love-based culture, the foundation of the Why Movement.

Founder of Andrew Horn Shares How to Transform Your Company's Culture With Gratitude & Employee Recognition

Research shows that being grateful can transform physical and mental health in and out of the workplace. In this session, Andrew shares some of the simple gratitude meditations and communication techniques that top leaders are adopting to be happier and more effective. He showcases the important role that employee recognition plays in accelerating employee engagement, and lays out tangible strategies that you and your employees can use to share appreciation more consistently, host better meetings, and celebrate work anniversaries in style.

CEO of the Wellness Council of America Ryan Picarella Reveals the Prerequisite to Thriving Organizations

The health of America continues to decline even as wellness programs grow in popularity. In this presentation, Ryan explores the current state of wellness in America and discusses a new paradigm that can spark change and inspire individuals, organizations, and communities to find a new path to better health. He shares the cutting-edge model of conceptualizing the wellness programs of tomorrow — the ones that take into account people, place, purpose, and performance — providing a framework for building strong organizational cultures that improve health, create conditions for employees to succeed, and impact business's bottom line.

Author, Activist and Entrepreneur Judy Wicks Explains How to Create Businesses That Build Strong Local Economies, Support People and the Planet

Believing that business is about relationships, and that money simply a tool, Judy tells her story of moving beyond responsible business practices within her company, to working cooperatively with other entrepreneurs to build a local economy based on love of place, nature and community. Localization not only brings economic power back to our communities, but also builds authentic relationships with suppliers, customers, employees, community and nature that support business decisions from the heart.

Co-Founder of European Leadership University Talks About Discovering Love in Daily Business Practices

Let's talk about love as a business practice — beyond a romantic or spiritual concept. In this presentation, Alper exhibits various practices of love already present in business, making them more accessible and practical for any business leader.

Dr. Vic Strecher, Professor of Public Health at University of Michigan, Explains the Science Of Self-Transcendence

Can Aristotle help us repair our DNA and our corporate bottom line? Science and philosophy align as Dr. Vic Strecher describes the benefits of ego-transcendence and ways it can change your life and your organization. His presentation will help you gain an understanding of (1) the scientific and philosophical perspectives of self-transcendence, (2) evidence demonstrating the impact of self-transcendence, and (3) ways of enhancing self-transcendence.

the 11 Principles of Love

The world can never pass through the adventure of bringing itself to sustainability if people do not view themselves and others with compassion.
— Donella Meadows


being brave enough to choose love over fear



expressing empathy and concern for others



committing to the path that serves the highest good of all



finding a life purpose that brings you happiness, meaning, and contributes to a better world


Power of Connection

taking time to slow down and connect with people, the environment, and experiences that matter most



treating others with dignity and respect



welcoming new people, ideas, and experiences



having the willingness to let go of negative feelings and judgements towards others


Human Capacity

recognizing that every human has the capacity for greatness, and assisting them in harnessing their power


Comittment to Growth

understanding that change is essential to evolution, and embracing our innate ability to adapt



realizing that people and the planet are inextricably connected, and that what affects one of us affects us all