Samantha Thomas, Founder

Samantha is founder of the Love Summit Business and Leadership Conference and the #JustChooseLove movement. Previously, she spent six years at Dream Change, a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by author, economist, and environmentalist John Perkins to change the way modern societies dream the world. Samantha initially held the position of project manager and then executive director. She also served as publicist to John Perkins.

Prior to Dream Change, Samantha was a freelance model and worked in the eco-fashion industry in New York City. She served as an events coordinator at the GreenShows, a leading event, education, and consulting firm dedicated to promoting and growing the luxury sustainable fashion movement. During her time there, Samantha worked with socially and environmentally driven fashion designers to promote their products and assisted the GreenShows with participation in events such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and Disneynature's private Earth Day Fair event by The Walt Disney Company at its corporate headquarters in New York City.

In addition to her work at #JustChooseLove, Samantha is a member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum and serves on the advisory board of Young Real Leaders. She has been featured in media outlets such as FOX19, Real Leaders, The Huffington Post, The Oregonian, and Yes! Magazine. Samantha completed leadership training at the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior and received her Bachelor of Science in sustainable living with a minor in business from Maharishi University of Management.


Ryan Carnes, Advisor

Ryan Carnes is an American actor who is widely known for his role in Desperate Housewives, in which he starred opposite Eva Longoria. Other notable credits include Doctor Who, The Phantom, Letters from Iwo Jima, and the 2018 romantic comedy “La Boda de Valentina” (Valentina’s Wedding), which in its first month of release launched into the Top 10 highest grossing films in Mexican Cinema history.

Carnes grew up on a small Illinois farm outside a small rural town of 4,000 people. As an only child, he spent much of his time in nature, exploring the acres of woods that surrounded his family's property where he cultivated a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things. It was these formative experiences that would decades later inspire Ryan’s desire to work toward cultivating a more sustainable world. Beyond that, he dedicated his youth to academics, basketball, baseball and drumming.

Upon high school graduation, Carnes headed to the Eastern Seaboard to pursue a Public Policy major at Duke University. Behind on fulfilling his art credit requirements, he enrolled in an Intro to Performance acting class. A semester later, he found himself on stage in a student-run production, and at the completion of that semester, left Duke and headed west to Los Angeles to pursue his newfound passion.

Combining his passions for TV, film, writing and music with his commitment to greater self-awareness, Carnes embraces the vision that his creative endeavors help tell impactful stories. He understands that the entertainment industry both reflects and influences culture, and as such, is given great power to not only entertain, but to also communicate the incredible possibility of humanity.

Peter McCrea.jpg

Peter McCrea, Advisor

Since 2017, Peter has been President and Director of the Cavendish Impact Foundation, a donor advised Impact Investment platform with a mission to accelerate innovation in the health sciences, education, and global sustainability, and to promote inclusive entrepreneurship.

Previously, Peter was Vice President of Development at the American Endowment Foundation, an independent donor-advised fund with $2 billion in assets over 5,000 clients nationwide. He was also a Business Development Advisor for Foundation Source which provides philanthropic services to over 1,500 foundations, with $10 billion in assets under administration. While at those two entities, Peter spoke with over 4,000 financial advisors and was personally responsible for closing $521 million in philanthropic transactions. At American Endowment Foundation, he was instrumental in creating the team responsible for increasing total assets from $480 million to over $2 billion in under four years.

Peter was also a member of the Board of Directors of the Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, and Executive Vice President at the Institute for Nonprofit Excellence which designs Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

Originally from California, Peter was a founding member of the American Cinema Awards Foundation, honoring legendary performers such as Clint Eastwood, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tom Cruise, and Elizabeth Taylor for the benefit of the Motion Picture and Television Fund. He was also an advisor to the Mountains Conservancy Trust. Working with the local Recreation and Parks District, he coordinated the donation of the McCrea Ranch to the agency. The ranch is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  

After moving to the East Coast in 1995, Peter served as Director of Business Development at LHO Group for Leif H. Olsen, former Chief Economist of Citibank. Since 2009, he has been a business acquisitions advisor for the Hinduja Group, a multinational corporation.

Since 2001, Peter has been a Trustee of the Lemmon Foundation, a conservation foundation founded by the late actor Jack Lemmon. From 2006 to 2012, he was a member and served as Chairman of the Livelihoods Council at Save the Children, which provides agricultural assistance and microfinance services to over two million women in the Developing World.

John Campbell.jpg

John Campbell, Advisor

John studied international economics and business in college and graduate school and holds an MBA from The Wharton School. At Wharton, he studied in Brussels and worked in the EU.

Presently, John is an adjunct lecturer in finance at University College, Cork, Ireland where he teaches a seminar on banking and credit ratings. He has also taught at HEBEI University of Economics and Business in Shijiazhuang, China where he taught business ethics. Additional teaching assignments took John to Ramallah, Palestine where he lectured at Birzeit University and worked with CEWAS, a Swiss NGO dedicated to water resource sustainability entrepreneurial instruction.

John had a forty-year career on Wall Street with various financial firms in New York City and San Francisco. His primary area of expertise is the bond market. As a member of JCL's advisory board, he provides strategic financial and operating advice on how to grow the #JustChooseLove movement, and help create social, political, and economic change through business.


Olivia Combemale, Advisor

Olivia Combemale is the Head of Business Development at creative agency, LEITZES&CO and the co-founder of a clean CBD skincare company launching in June 2019. She graduated with honors from New York University’s Steinhardt School in 2016 with a major in Media, Culture and Communications, and a minor in Psychology.

At LEITZES&CO, Olivia helps clients define their businesses and tell their stories through creative partnerships. The agency brings brands together with the right creatives to help build cultural relevancy. A dynamic problem solver and strategic thinker, Olivia enjoys paving new paths and bringing her differing passions together. 

Always determined to stay positive, Olivia loves collaborating and working with different types of people. She is energized by healthy lifestyle choices and passionate to prove we all can combine strong work ethics and effective leadership while honoring our health and creating space to do the things we love. This inspiration has brought to life the soon to be announced skincare company, which is grounded in toxic-free living, self-love, and effective naturally-derived ingredients that support true beauty and health. 

John Perkins.jpg

John Perkins, Advisor

As Chief Economist at a major international consulting firm, John Perkins advised the World Bank, United Nations, IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, Fortune 500 corporations, and leaders of countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. 

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2016), a follow-up to John’s classic New York Times bestseller, brings the story of economic hit men and jackal assassins up to date and chillingly home to the U.S. It goes on to provide practical strategies to transform the failing global death economy into a regenerative life economy. The first edition of Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man spent 73 weeks on the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list and has been translated into 32 languages. It, along with his other books, The Secret History of the American Empire (also a New York Times bestseller) and Hoodwinked, were ground-breaking exposés of the clandestine operations that created the current global crises; they set the stage for the revelations and strategies detailed in The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

John is a founder and board member of Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, non-profit organizations devoted to establishing a world future generations will want to inherit. He has lectured at Harvard, Oxford, and over 50 other universities around the world, and is the author of books on indigenous cultures and transformation, including ShapeshiftingThe World Is As You Dream ItPsychonavigationSpirit Of The Shuar, and The Stress-Free Habit. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, NPR, A&E, the History Channel, Time, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Der Spiegel, and many other publications, as well as in numerous documentaries including The End Of PovertyZeitgeist Addendum, and Apology Of An Economic Hit Man. He was awarded the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace in 2012 alongside Lady Gaga, Pussy Riot, Rachel Corrie, and Christopher Hitchens, and was awarded the Rainforest Action Network Challenging Business As Usual Award in 2006.

Scott James.jpg

Scott James, Advisor

BusinessWeek named Scott James as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs and Forbes Magazine profiled him as a Game Changer.

The products from his companies have been featured in publications as diverse as Oprah’s O Magazine, National Geographic, Parents Magazine, the Washington Post, Outside Magazine, and US News & World Report. His film projects range from the opening shorts at the United Nations Climate Change Summits (Producer Lyn Lear and Director Louie Schwartzberg) to the breakthrough nature-based series on Netflix (title series: “Moving Art”).

Scott was awarded a Governor’s Award of Excellence in Service by the state of Washington for his nonprofit community preparedness work. He was recently asked by FEMA to present his book – Prepared Neighborhoods: Creating Resilience One Street at a Time – at their national training symposium. It is available to purchase everywhere.

Scott previously worked in the high-tech sector, including Visio and Microsoft, and completed degrees at Baylor University and University of Notre Dame. He now does 1:1 sessions with top performers and facilitates corporate retreats for small teams of senior thinkers, particularly among the social entrepreneurship set. Related to his book, he also supports organizations with their emergency continuity plans and journalists with their preparedness stories.