At JCL, we maintain that the only salve for that which ails humanity; the only thing that can foster the RE-connection and RE-cognition that is now required to move humanity into a sustainable way of being, is the opposite of the fear that led us to this place: love.


Love is the common thread we all share, and it is the most powerful, unifying force for creating authentic change. Not love as a concept. Not love as merely a noun. Love as a verb. Love in action. Love as a way of being — a way of being that just so happens to be our innate birthright. But we have forgotten that this is so. We have forgotten who we are as human. And it is JCL’s mission to help us remember. To RE-member. To RE-cognize that which we are. We are not human doings. We are human beings. And we believe the natural state of being is one of love.

Every human being has the potential to be love in motion. Poetry in motion. We envision humanity and the individuals which comprise it as being unique works of art that together weave a brilliantly beautiful, collaborative tapestry that moves us toward a future that inspires collaboration and equality. We see this future as being a return to our true nature — a journey to return home to that which we are: love.

At JCL, we are uninterested in the “sided” narrative that our political system and landscape have so far depended on. We don’t see sides that divide. We see lives that unite. We see humanity that creates. And we see the potential for humanity to create so much more kindly and wisely, with an intelligence that arises from the heart rather than merely the mind. With a will that arises for the good of all, rather than for the good of a few. With a desire that arises from love and an awareness of authentic abundance, rather than from fear and lack. For desire that arises from scarcity only serves to satisfy immediate and transitory needs, wherein the ends are thought to justify the means. But desire that arises from a place of true wisdom and intelligence — desire that arises from the heart — is thoughtful and measured in its approach and wants the best for all, for the whole, acting as a catalyst for the collective evolution of consciousness of the entire planet.

JCL posits that by operating from a place of love, answers that are in the best interest of people, business, and the planet will take shape naturally. In this state, human ingenuity will flourish and bring about unprecedented innovations and opportunities for all.

Love unites, love transcends, love wins. #JustChooseLove 

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