Samantha Thomas

Founder, Just Choose Love
Founder, Love Summit


Samantha Thomas, founder of the Love Summit business and leadership conference and the Just Choose Love movement, is an entrepreneur, business consultant, leadership coach, and public speaker. Through her work, Samantha is reinventing what it means to create systemic change – by insisting that love must be infused into all business, government, and social operations in order for humanity to truly move into a sustainable future.

As a driven female business owner who is equally guided by her intuition and business acumen, Samantha has created the first two-day event centered on incorporating more love into one place that needs it most – the modern-day workplace and its leadership teams. Love Summit’s success has proved American corporations, governments and professionals worldwide are hungry to incorporate more humanity into their work. It has also paved the way for Samantha to start the #JustChooseLove movement, to inspire acts of love, kindness, and camaraderie over fear and hate.

Samantha’s mission has created a ripple effect, also turning her into a thought leader and a community advocate. Samantha is a member of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum, serves on the advisory board of Young Real Leaders, and has been featured in media outlets such as FOX19, The Huffington Post and Yes! Magazine. She received leadership training from the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior, and received her Bachelor of Science in sustainable living with a minor in business from Maharishi University of Management.

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