Hi there,

I'm Samantha Thomas, founder of Just Choose Love and the Love Summit Business & Leadership Conference. I am a brand consultant, leadership coach, writer and public speaker.

Through my work, I engage with business leaders and individuals around the world to create systemic change, demonstrating how love can be infused into all business and social operations.

But for love to show up in business, government and society, it first has to show up in each of us. That's why I've chosen to offer executive coaching, leadership coaching, student coaching and life coaching through JCL.

Whether you are looking for guidance at work, wanting to get clear on your career path, or looking to master your leadership skills in the context of yourself or others, it would be my pleasure and joy to provide you with the guidance you need.

I look forward to working with you.



Executive Coaching

Business executives are challenged with the enormous task of making decisions that affect large numbers of people. In a world that has been built to value profit over people and the planet, it can be difficult to live up to one’s personal values in the boardroom. I help business executives align their personal values with their every day business practices.


Female Leadership Coaching

As a female business leader, I've experienced the feeling of being judged, taken advantage of and patronized — by both men and women. The culmination of these experiences has resulted in my passion to help women recognize their inner power to go after what they want, stand up for themselves and each other, and be strong in who they are. I guide women on how to do this in flow with the world around them, instead of in a reactionary way.


Student Coaching

It's normal for students to feel uncertain about what path to take during their transition from high school to college to career. But when that uncertainty is not properly addressed, it can lead to choosing schools, majors and jobs based on the desires of parents, advice from teachers, or other influence from the outside world. It usually isn’t until later on, until after students have received a college degree and built up a great deal of debt that they realize they want to be doing something else with their life. I guide students in their transition, helping them to quiet the noise of the outside world so they can tune into their truest desires, and uncover early on what they really want to spend their life doing. 


Life Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Unclear? Not sure if a job, a relationship, or the path you are on is the right one? I help people get clear on their purpose, feel more of how they want to feel on a regular basis, and dissolve blocks to what they really want in life.

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