We help companies have a positive impact on people and the planet by strategizing long-term, sustainable plans for the development of their brand, products, and business goals.


JCL consultants help companies unveil the best version of their brand in order to meet consumer needs, stand out from the crowd, and stay relevant in a fast-changing, competitive business environment.

With a unique combination of market analysis, public relations expertise, design strategy, and sustainability, JCL consultants provide positioning recommendations, guide market research analysis, and help companies define their brand elements and tone, always with an emphasis on socially responsible business.

Whether you are looking to enhance your brand or develop a new one, JCL consultants will assist you in meeting your ultimate business goals.

What to expect:

  • an initial consultation to discuss your company’s brand, purpose, and business goals;

  • a thorough review of your company’s operations, products and product sourcing, advertising copy and design, press releases, social media coverage, marketing and communications plans, and customer service records;

  • analysis of current market data and trends in your industry and positioning recommendations;

  • recommended changes related to product sourcing, packaging materials, brand design, advertising, press and social media approach, marketing and communications;

  • an enhanced and well-defined brand strategy that will meet consumer needs and make you stand out from the crowd;

  • a comprehensive execution plan so you can stay relevant in an ever-changing, competitive business environment.

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