JCL consultants help consumer brands discover the best, most socially and culturally relevant version of their business by tailoring their products and services to match the ever-changing consumer demands in this new Age of Sustainability.

As a team of sustainability consultants who firmly believe in enterprise as a force for positive change, we show consumer brands how they can advance their products, stand out from the crowd, and stay relevant in a quickly-evolving, competitive business environment.

We recognize that such a business environment demands new solutions to the problems facing our planet and its resources. That’s why we use a unique combination of market analysis, public relations expertise, and design strategy—all while keeping a finger on the pulse of the sustainability demands we now face as a civilization.

Whether you are looking to enhance your well-established brand or develop a new one, JCL consultants will assist you in creating a socially impactful business that meets consumer demands without sacrificing your bottom line. We offer an array of services that can be brought to you a la carte, or in strategic, targeted packages geared toward specific, long-term objectives.


  • Product sourcing

  • Brand design

  • Brand communication

  • Public relations

  • Web design

  • Copywriting 

What to expect:

  • An initial consultation to discuss your company’s brand, purpose, and business goals;

  • A thorough review of your company’s products and product sourcing, advertising copy and design, press releases, social media coverage, and marketing and communications plans;

  • An analysis of current market data and trends in your industry, and positioning recommendations;

  • Recommended changes related to product sourcing, packaging materials, brand design, advertising, press and social media approach, marketing and communications;

  • An enhanced and well-defined brand strategy that will meet consumer demands and make you stand out from the crowd;

  • A comprehensive action and execution plan that will position you to be a leading business in this new age of sustainability, improving the lives of people and the planet all while increasing your bottom line.

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